FBFN Foundation

FBFN Foundation was established in the fall of 2012 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt, Texas organization and the charitable arm of Fort Bend Friends and Neighbors. Our mission is:
“To undertake and promote charitable and humanitarian projects within Fort Bend County and to form enduring friendships within the community.”
Membership in Fort Bend Friends and Neighbors social club qualifies you as a member of FBFN Foundation. The Foundation exists to carry forward the scholarship program first founded by Fort Bend Friends and Neighbors in 2005.

FBFN Foundation

Board of Directors & Corporate Officers 2014-2015
Nancy Frank – FBFN Past Foundation President & FBFN Past President 2012-2014
Paula Ruskan – FBFN Past President 2011-2012
Gail Grace – FBFN Past President 2010-2011
Carole Kanusky – FBFN Foundation President 2014-2015
Patty Ranson – FBFN Foundation Secretary 2014-2015
Lydia Jenkins – FBFN Foundation Treasurer 2014-2015
Marilyn Davis – Vice President Scholarships 2014-2015


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